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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Sprint has stated what the pre must have for new activations = fact.

    Sprint has stated that current customers must change plans for pre = fiction.

    Sprint will have the same requirements for the Pre as they did the Instinct = Guess.

    You are known to despise SERO users on more than just this forum = fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
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    OK, so I visited my closest Sprint corporate store, a 45-minute drive.
    Ask the woman if she knows a release date, she says, has no idea.
    I say, what about first week of June, shakes her head, with a very slight smile.
    When I told her I was out of contract, then she said, "soon."
    I asked her about the advocate, whether they had a Pre in the store, and she would not say anything.
    I asked her about my SERO plan, she said probably not, then another guy said if I had unlimited data, it may work.
    She said I couldn't get the EPRP plan in store, they can't touch SERO plans but if I get it done over the phone, they could sell me the Pre.
    Of course, she recommended getting the Pre in store instead of telesales because they could set it up and show me how to use it.
    So, no sightings, no news, as I expected, those NDAs are holding up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Of course, she recommended getting the Pre in store instead of telesales because they could set it up and show me how to use it.
    I'd tell her that's a good reason to buy it from telesales. Keep your grubby hands off my pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asforme View Post
    I'd tell her that's a good reason to buy it from telesales. Keep your grubby hands off my pre.
    Yeah dont touch my Pre and they just want the stupid sale.
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    In the past week and a half I visited about six or so Sprint stores and on all of them, the only constant was "no waiting lists, sorry". Even the one by the office where I know two of the reps by name, there was no waiting list (one even said their district/regional head explicitly said no lists, first-come, first-served only).

    Way back when I got the HTC Touch (new line, SERO), no stores around me had one. Ordered online and had it overnighted (can't remember if I paid extra, probably did but not much).

    Guess my point is, I'll be trying telesales and online on launch date, barring any pre-order deals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    They have only been specific on new customer plan requirements. If they do indeed pull the crappy Instinct card on us all at the last minute, they will have mobs of angry customers saying "I was told it would work by a Sprint employee!"
    I can't help but wonder, will you be one of those angry customers, claiming that you were told it would work by a sprint employee? Will you feel guilty that you lead that employee to tell you what you wanted by asking a loaded and leading question -
    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    so Sprint is not going to do anything stupid like require a plan upgrade to one of the newer plans to get the pre, are they?
    , latching on to every hint that maybe you'll get what you want, and totally ignoring every indication that you won't?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dougster123 View Post
    I recall that Sprint already announced that you needed a "Simply Everything Plan" for the Pre. If my memory serves us correctly, there were three plans ranging from $60 - $100/mo giving 400min/mo to unlimited minutes. All data and texting . . . is unlimited on all of theses plans.
    Only one of the plans you mentioned was the "Simply Everything" plan. The others were "Everything Data" plans. "Simply" means everything is unlimted. "Everything Data" means the data is unlimted, the minutes are not.
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    Went by Best Buy and Sprint today. I'd pretty much planned on waiting until something official came from Sprint instead of going to a store, but gave in today, and visted both.

    My wife volunteered her WII for a church event, and I was not going to drop all that stuff into a box to carry it over, so I decided to go buy Best Buy and pick up a carry case. While I was there, I went over to the phone section to dig around some.

    First of all, one of the things that amazed me was I couldn't get the PhoneGeek to quit playing with (what I thought was) his iPhone long enough to look up. Turned out he was actually setting up a customer's iPhone for her. The amazing part was that he told her "The first thing you need to do is jailbreak it as soon as you get it home. Wow! If I had a store employee tell me that, I'd get them to repeat it in front of witnesses, then if I did it and had any problems, I'd be insisting that the store employee told me to do it, and never said it'd void my warranty. What are these crazy employees thinking???

    But I digress.

    The lady that actually helped me was the department manager. She said that they had originally expected the Pre's in by mid May, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. She said she was sure they'd be in by the first week in June. No demo unit, no wild speculation about what it would do. No advice an how to hack it...

    I bought the case I came in for, climbed on my scooter, and decided I'd go ahead and run by the Sprint corporate store near my house. This is the store where my son-in-law worked for 2 years, and then his wife (my daughter) hired on after he left. She worked there about 6 months, then moved as manager to another store, which she left just about 2 months ago (I tried to threaten to disown her, but it didn't work).

    Anyway, so, I go in, recognize the assistant manager from the days when my kids worked there, and asked about the Pre. Didn't really expect anything earth-shattering ... thankfully so, since I didn't get much more than I already knew.

    It went something like this:
    Him: Yessir, can I help you.
    Me: Sure, just had some questions about the Pre
    Him: I'm sorry sir, but that phone hasn't been released yet.
    Me: OK, thanks, was just checking to see if there was new information about it

    At this point, I had actually given up, but he caught my attention. It went about like this:

    Him: We've actually got a lot of new information, but we're not allowed to talk about it...
    Me: Really?
    Him: Yeah, they're firing folks for it. Very hush-hush
    Me: Would it help if I mention I'm Saundra and Blake's dad? You know Saundra and Blake, right?
    Him: Sorry, I recognize you, but I really can't talk about what we know. They're really firing people for it.

    At this point, I got ticked, and said
    Me: OK, look you little punk, if you don't tell me what you know, I'm going to report you as being "uncooperative" to a long term, valued customer, and get you fired! I'm a Premier customer you know...

    OK, not [I]really, what I DID say was:

    Me: OK, I understand, are you taking names for a waiting list?
    Him: Nosir, but you can sign up online
    Me: Yeah, I've done that
    Him: You'll get notified. Watch for it. This is going to be a hard phone to get

    THAT got my attention!
    Me: Really??
    Him: Yessir
    Me: How come?
    Him: I really can't talk about it
    Me: OK, thanks, I understand
    Him: Be sure to say hi to Blake and Saundra, and ask them about it.

    Unfortunately, my daughter and her husband aren't late-nighters. By the time we got done at the church it was 11:30. But I am going to pump them for information tomorrow. I suspect they've heard a few morsals from their friends...

    There ya have it, worth about what it costya.
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    I stopped in a Sprint Store today to see if they had a waiting list like some of the other stores. They didn't, but the rep said they will definitely have the Pre "sometime in June". That was way more than I expected, considering any and everyone I had ever talked to at Sprint previously said they have no idea when.

    She also stated that there would be a number of devices on hand, but they hadn't been told the exact number yet. I guess I'll be there as soon as they open to see...hopefully there isn't a line.
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    So I stopped by my corporate store today to get my fiance's line switched over to mine and the guy helping us out was pretty knowlegeable and that store was definitely up to speed on the Pre. While we were waiting I heard several of the store employees mention "pre" or "until the pre comes out". So anyway, we get up to the reps counter and he's doing the plan switch thing and I ask him about the pre and he says, "Well our store SEED (advocate) got his in about 3 days ago but he's been off yesterday and today. He says that so far so good with how it works but they are not allowed to ACTIVATE them for some reason Palm won't tell them and until everyone else has been trained up on the device, so he's pretty limited in what he can do at the time." The rep then says that "It should be out soon b/c when our SEED gets the phone, we usually have our shipment in store in 1-2 weeks and can sell the phones." So by these statements that would put it right at the end of may, around the time the Sprint contest winners get their phones too!! When I asked him about how they'll handle purchases, etc. he said that the stores don't have a structured way to really sell them, pretty much first come first serve, but at that store they usually take names and send reminders to those who want some held for them. So I'm on his list for 2 and he'll email me personally!! Oh and I asked him about the price of the touchstone and this was the only thing he wasn't too sure about. He said he'd guess it to be around $40 bucks and I told him that I've heard it to be closer to $70. He then said that if Palm prices it that high, you can usually get it from a 3rd party store or 3rd party accessory dealer for less than that. That's pretty much what I expected to hear about the touchstone, but everything else seemed pretty convincing.

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    My local Sprint store, NOT a corporate store, said that it WOULD be possible to get a Pre with an existing SERO plan. She claimed that she activated an Instint for another customer who had a SERO plan. She elaborated to say that as long as you have a plan with unlimited a Pre should be o.k. I don't know...we'll see...
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    "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know." - Lao Tzu
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    I went to the biggest Sprint store that we have in our Mall yesterday, an independently owned one, to go ask about the Pre. Good news is that the guy actually knew what a Pre was, and he said he gets about 2 to 3 questions about the Pre a day. That's quite remarkable seeing that our town is a retirement town and that our county has an average age of 56, I believe that's the highest in the country! As far as any information on the Pre goes...I was the one informing him, it was sad, he didn't know Jack, or his My last question for him was about transferring contacts. Considering how little he knew about the Pre to begin with, I don't even know what I asked that question but anyhow, I asked if he could use his little magic adapter laden gadget behind him to move contacts from, for example, a WinMo phone to a Treo 755, and he said that's not a problem. Uh...really? I thought that only worked with dumb phones? So he went on saying that it should work between a WinMo and the Pre as well.

    While that would be nice, I do have my doubts about that.

    All in all, my outing to the mall was less than exciting, to say the least.
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    My cat knows someone at Sprint...he said that he can bypass any possible SERO requirements as long as you paypal him $50.
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    i got a blackberry from sprint at first. and they switched from a instinct to the blackberry curve and then a day later I realized that the pre was coming out soon so i grabed my brothers old samsung flip phone that has ready link on it and brought it back to the store to return the blackberry. I got to the store and make sure that would work if i returned the blackberry i can still upgrade to a new phone when it comes out and they said i could so then they loaded my contacts from the blackberry to the old flip phone for the time being. So i would think that they can pull any phones contacts and put it on any phone. but this was a corporate store. Just have faith it will work just the way you want it to. Only couple more weeks to go.
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    there will be no Sprint employees touching any of my data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    there will be no Sprint employees touching any of my data.
    I am going to back my contacts up to my computer before I let them touch
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    Stopped in a Sprint store today. The guy I talked to claimed they didn't have a Pre yet even when I mentioned that I read they had shipped a test device out to each store for training. He did say that they were most likely announcing the release date/price on May 19th in that WSJ article.

    I would guess that the secrecy is due to the importance of doing everything right fro a marketing standpoint. They need to time this just right so that the device is ready to go with all bugs worked out and they need to make sure they aren't overshadowed by the more recognizable iPhone release. I would imagine a lot of it comes down to not wanting the competition to know just what they are planning so they won't be as ready to counter.

    I'm not on SERO so I didn't ask about that. The guy said there was no waiting list but that I could have him call me when they came in. I assume that was just looking for commissions but he was cool. He admitted that if I read the usual sites I would know just as soon as anyone.
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