View Poll Results: How do you plan on getting your Pre?

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  • Retail store

    31 56.36%
  • Telesales

    8 14.55%
  • Online

    11 20.00%
  • Tacos

    5 9.09%
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    I'm going to have to use Telesales, the closest Sprint corp. store is a 45 minute drive, plus I need to have my SERO plan changed to the ERP, which can't be done in store.
    So, pretty soon, I'll be calling telesales as soon as they open (anyone have a time?) every morning starting in late May, asking for the Pre.
    Or should I call after midnight?
    Anyone know their hours?
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    Right now with my discount, I get an additional $50 if I purchase the Pre online. As much I am an instant gratification kind of girl, $50 is a good incentive to wait just a day or two longer. I also want to get some feedback from you guys before I rush to buy the phone.
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