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    Bluetooth chews up battery life so badly on my Treo 650 & 680 that I would never dream of making a car connection this way. 3.5mm audio out jack, the only way to go.
    -- Josh
    The problem with a 3.5mm connection for a car dock (especially for this phone with the jack on the top) is that you can't just drop the phone into the dock usually but have to plug in a cord. I have no problem plugging in a cord most of the time, but when I'm driving somewhere, I'm usually in a rush, so I just want to put the phone down and leave.

    I think a charging dock of some kind (maybe Touchstone-esque) and a Bluetooth headunit with AVCRP and A2DP is the best way to go for this.
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    Let's just hope the Pre does better than his opening pitch.
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    Baba BOOOEY!
    And don't most people have a car charger? For all that people expect their phones to do, it almost seems like a necessity to charge it while in the car.
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