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    look closely around the plant
    palm pre
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    That's a preview of the picture in the process of getting smaller and then going into the picture album icon on the lower left next to the shutter button.
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    ohhh sorta how the iphone does it wow lol thanks for letting me know i had no idea
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    IIRC the extended depth of field is kinda like a software autofocus function. After the image is saved it allows the Pre to focus at a certain depth of field. Could be off though! Anyone know more?
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    When I hear "extended depth of field" I think small aperture, as in both foreground and background in focus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bartman0531 View Post
    When I hear "extended depth of field" I think small aperture, as in both foreground and background in focus.
    I'm thinking it's more along the lines of being able to focus on one item more than the other? I had always thought extended DOF were like this:

    and this:

    But hey I'm not a photographer. Just excited about having such a cool feature in a phone Ironically OP - the picture you posted I believe is Ext. Depth of Field because if you look beyond the demo guy's hands and phone the background is blurry but the focus is squarely on the demo unit and the hands
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    In the photography world those are examples of a shallow depth of field (large aperture). I am interested to see what they are actually referring to.

    I might be mistaken but it seems like back at CES they said that Canon had developed the lens for the camera. Can anyone confirm?
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    I dont remember hearing about any partnerships, usually those are heavily promoted. IE Zeiss with Nokia or Kodak with Motorola.

    Maybe that is a late game surprise we will hear about at launch!
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    This explains it fairly well, I think: Depth of Field
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    Incidentally, I think that having an extended depth of field is a great decision for a smartphone camera. Rather than futzing around with autofocus (which makes my Touch Pro's camera pretty much worthless), you simply point and click and everything's in focus. It's not artistic, certainly, but when you need to capture a spontaneous event it seems to make sense to simply capture everything.

    Again, can't wait.
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    I believe in another thread it was for having better macro abilities (closeup shots). All of the cameras in phones have fairly small apertures which give a rather large depth of field already. I think one thing the Pre has going for it though is the processor for the photos. It should get the most out of that little lens.
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    Dug this up from a thread back in January, Ahh simpler times they were.

    Palm Pre Camera Has Sophisticated DxO Features
    By Editor Wireless and Mobile News on January 21, 2009 1:10 PM

    The new Palm Pre smartphone uses the latest imaging correction software from DxO Labs. DxO is used by photo brands like Cannon and Nikon for image processing and correction. Although the Palm Pre Camera is only 3.2 megapixels, when you add this advanced technology it should take brilliant beautiful photos.

    DxO Labs products correct images at very sophisticated levels. They offer features such as enhanced fields of depth, lighting correction, smart vibrancy and on-the-fly processing. Other features the Palm Pre will most likely have built-in to the camera are image stabilization, real- time video, and shooting without flash in low level light.

    The Palm WebOS Blog notes that the "depth of field that was touted by Palm will provide us with great close-ups and macro shots showing the extra details of such pictures." The DxO technology of Adaptive Lighting gives a much brighter and better picture in low light conditions.
    The DxO technology should correct any lighting problems from the LED flash. The Palm Pre photo quality should surpass the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm.

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