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    OK this is a question for the long time sprintiers? or just the anarchists on this site. I got a BB 8330 cuz my phone crapped out. My 30 days to return it is up in a week. Assumedly the pre will come out 30 days or so after that. I was thinking about returning my BB for a whatever pos phone then returning that for a pre when the pre comes out. I would be more confident except I do not want to get stuck with a pos phone if they tell me that I can only return once in 60 days time. Has anyone else tried or is anyone else going to try this.

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    Sprint allows you one (1) exchange within 30 days of your original purchase. You might want to return the Curve and use whatever pos you had before.
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    I am in a similar boat (but even if I burned this upgrade, I have three other lines). I called Sprint today, as luck would have it, and asked the Returns peeps about this (I got a free Instinct S30 through telesales) and they told me as long as you ask for the return kit within the 30 days, you should be golden...even if they don't get the handset back from you in the 30 day period.

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