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    If it shows yours, then I'm in trouble too. I understood it just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahhaj View Post
    Probably some iPhone fans lame attempt at humor.
    My name is Steve Jobs and I am much more than an iPhone fan. At the company I work for, we look forward to competition from new products. I am hoping this new Pre phone will raise the bar for smart phones. Our next phone will be available for use on any network, will have a removeable battery and card storage, and I'm making sure it can "cut and paste" like a crazy (expletive deleted).

    BTW, for the serious folks on this board that didn't get my post and "lame" attempt at humor.. I really don't have any friends who have been to the secret PRE warehouse. My apologies and I hope we can all get our Pres soon so that we can be happy again.
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