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    From what I've seen in demos, it looks like the Universal Search feature's not that universal--it appears to only search apps and contacts on the phone but not any of the other application databases. That could just be the way they demo but it has me worried. I use the Find feature on my T/X all of the time--it's one of my favorite features about having a PDA.

    I did notice that in the Contacts app you can just start typing a name and it will search that database. Does anyone know if you can do the same in other applications (specifically Calendar, Tasks or Memos?).
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    i too am concerned about this but we will definitely find a way around this. Trust me i just made my move to WM and this is one feature i miss the most. But i deal with it because the Pro is just too darn beautiful and powerful.

    At least the CLASSIC app gives us hope. This allows me to use my Palm OS DB's still and hopefully still have the search feature.
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    I expect (hope?) that this will be extended to other metadata in future revisions. Don't know what would be stopping them, because cloud data is still cached locally for when the cloud's not available. Or, perhaps they'll leave that to 3rd parties.

    As it stands, and now that I think more about it, I like that the instant search, if you will, is limited to contacts and apps, because that's what I would search for most often--I'd not want that kind of search to be bogged down with all sorts of extraneous data. I wouldn't have any problem with opening a different search app for more extensive searches.

    This is one of those "must have" features that I've thought about but then realized I never actually use. However, my wife uses search on her Treo extensively, and would sorely miss it. So, I know how important it will be to some folks, which makes me believe there'll be a solution for it.
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    This is what the webOS O'Reilly book (chapter 1) says: "The Quick Launch bar is used to start up favorite applications or to bring up the Launcher for access to all applications on the device. From this view, a search can be initiated simply by typing the search string; searches can be performed on contacts, installed applications, or to start a web search." I don't think the "Universal Search" can search anything except contacts or installed programs or the 3+ web options for search (google, wiki, maps). Though Palm will probably (hopefully) have search options in individual programs (like Calendar or tasks, etc). I don't think this has been confirmed yet. This will not be a deal breaker for me, but am concerned also.
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    Roughly the way it works under regular PalmOS is that when you do a find, each application is notified that a search is occurring and what the search is for. The app can choose to respond to the search request or not, making it easy for 3rd party apps to take part in the search.

    I'd be shocked if they haven't implemented this in a similar fashion in webOS. It's so simple, and would be a huge step backwards if 3rd party (or other 1st party) apps can't participate.

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