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    Wow some anal people in this thread.
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    Glad to see im not the only one with issues. This is why i only buy new phones online. I will wait as long as needed for the Pre to be available online or telesales. Once i got very upset with a Sprint employee who wanted to check out my phone when it needed to be repaired. He didnt tell me the technician wasnt in the store and that he was just being nosy. After 5 minutes he say "yeah i see its not holding a charge properly but our tech is not in today" I swear steam was coming out of my eyeballs and hair. I just dont like folks touching me or my property without prior approval and with good reason.
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    I sometimes get anal about people touching it and leaving fingerprints all over it, but at the same time they are going to need a bit of work to activate it most likely, so that's forgivable. I always use alcohol wipes or a microfiber cloth.

    I find that the people doing repairs are the most hit or miss. Either I get something back which clearly looks like it was tossed in some sort of salad dressing (or god knows what) or something with a very carefully placed screen protector on it. Hit or miss indeed.
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