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    I think it looks like the app catalog but i've never seen it before:

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    You got that pic off Gizmodo, right? I remember seeing all that. It's got some games there too,... Golf, Chess, Maze....and Pandora. I always just assumed that was another page of the Launcher that we haven't seen yet.
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    I was going to say the launcher too but there are star ratings underneath each icon. It's most likely the app store.
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    Bottom right says A la carte. Top right looks like a chess program left Pandora. Bottom right second in looks like videos.

    Says browse tags on the bottom?

    Left bottom looks like "stuff"

    Thats all i can make out the rez is really low on that pic.
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    Definitely looks like the app catalog. Looks very efficient and well thought out, just like everything else in webOS. Awesome find!
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    Look for those pics on Gizmodo.

    Found the link finally!

    palm pre

    There's some better pics in there.
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    My attempt at the text from the higher res photos:

    Search all 27 applications...

    -- Palm Presents -----

    Pandora News Twitter Chess

    -- Carrier Featured -----

    Golf Puzzle Maze A La Carte

    Browse Tags

    Note that these photos are from January so having 27 apps in the store already is pretty good, though there's a chance it was just filler material to show it off.
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    Much clearer. Def. is the App store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV View Post
    there's a chance it was just filler material to show it off.
    Unfortunately, I'd really bet that's what it is. Don't get me wrong, I'd expect most of these apps to be available at or near launch anyway, but in January was way too early for all of it.
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    I mentioned those pics a long time in January still, but at that time no one paid attention, guess the Forum has grown quite a bit, huh?

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