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    You know unless I missed something, I would LOVE for the Pre to have the same screen saver functionality as the 800w or Pro....

    For those who's unfamiliar with the SS...

    I have the 800w and one of the coolest thing on that phone (as well as the Pro) is that it has a SS that looks almost like E-Ink when the screen is off, and it contains the time, date, and icons for missed calls, txts, etc...

    I never have to turn the screen on for that important info... and it really saves time and battery life... (plus its cool IMO)

    I would love if the Pre has the same SS... I think it is a killer feature...( if you never used it, check it out...)
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    Yeah, my partner has a Pro, and the low-power screen display is pretty cool. Not so good in low light conditions though.

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