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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    If you like the Idou or another resistive screen device, great. Enjoy it. That's your opinion. This is my opinion. Let's leave it at that?
    Ok, you stick to your opinion and I'll stick to mine and we will agree to disagree
    I do like the Idou a lot, I like the Pre a lot also, I may well end up with a Pre yet but I use pay as you go tariffs as i spend so little time on calls. and the Pre, lovely as it is, it really designed for unlimited data plans. There are also a couple of other deal breakers at launch for me.
    But both screens in my eyes are very good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Then I take it you're not looking at the full version fully rendered using only your fingers.

    I do on both an Instinct S30 and an iPod Touch. Try using your fingers to select a page in the thread. I do it in both the native Instinct browser and Opera Mini 4.2. To even have ANY chance of doing it in the native browser, you have to swipe the scroll bar to maximum zoom, and even then it takes between 1-5 tap attempts to select, say, page 2 of 3.

    Opera Mini only zooms so far, and beyond just gotta get lucky.

    On a capacitive screen with multitouch, I pinch out to the appropriate zoom, tap it ONCE and it gets it right every time.

    We'll have to see about selecting text, but I promise you the gestures aren't on the same level.
    But WHY do I care about using only my fingers? The five-way works fine! Just because you can use your fingers doesn't make it better. I much prefer a fork when I'm eating spaghetti, for example. I remain unconvinced that gestures are the "best" way to interact with a phone. Yes, some things are better, but there seems to be a real trade-off in other areas.
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