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  • Under 100

    57 68.67%
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    19 22.89%
  • Between 500 and 1000

    1 1.20%
  • Over 1000

    6 7.23%
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    Well there were 27 apps back in January.
    If it wants to compete with the iPhone (35k Apps), it has to come with at least 250 already.
    I don't know how you guys have such low spectations.
    You have to be optimists, just because you want to be in your safe zone you say 50, that is not right.

    "On July 10, 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told USA Today that the App Store contained 500 third-party applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, 125 of which were free downloads."

    A safe estimate would be about 175 third-party apps, about 40 free apps, and about 35 useless, childish, fart noises... you know the apps everybody has in their iPhone lol.

    [Edit] I also want to throw this out there. When asked by Palm, Pandora made the now famously known app on the pre, in just 3 days.
    Such a simple, yet useful, renovative app takes a minimum of 2 weeks. Palm's SDK is easy to use guys, it really is.
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    I thought so too, people have very low expectations which is good in a way, so when they announce it and there will be a lot of apps at launch everyone will go nuts. at least that's what i hope/think will be...
    Either way, I wont be disappointed.
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    Did they announce that the app store would be live on day 1?
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    I think there'll be at least 100+ apps at launch... Remember in that picture on Gizmodo where we saw our first sneak peak at the app store, they already had 27 completed apps... and that was back in January! Surely they can have another 73+ apps completed and available by now!
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