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    I was looking over some of the mail and came across this sprint connection pamphlet. Inside the pamphlet it highlights the pre with some basic info on one of the pages and a pre ad on the last page. Just thought I would spread the word and also ask if anybody else got anything like this in the mail?
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    i just got one in the mail today as well.
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    I just checked my mail. Nothing from Sprint. I got the first edition of Sprint Connection, so I shall be getting the Spring edition soon.
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    my sister got the email but not me
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    I received my Saturday and posted about it.
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    Got my Sprint Connection yesterday; notice at the bottom of right hand page it says "Order yours now" Thought that was a bit different than we have seen before so I called Sprints Business phone number. Well they knew nothing about "Order yours now" so I got nowhere with that.

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