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    From another Chinese forum Enjoy
    Hopefully someone can actually recognize anything new on the user manual.
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    Too bad I speak French and my Spanish is VERY bad. Thanks for posting the pictures though.
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    And the last one. Don't know if you guys are interest in those pictures.
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    Hopefully someone reading Spanish can give us some clue. I BET there are something hidden inside.
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    omg omg omg omg omg omg...I am so f-ing excited.
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    The phone has got to be coming out soon........
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    nice pics. me gusta. muchas gracias.
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    Good find!
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    Well we know the SKU now. PALM100HK
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    At least we know it will have Task and Memo apps.
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    We have a Sprint and Radioshack SKU number now at least!
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    Looks fantastic!

    Didn't pick up on anything that we don't already know from reading the stuff in Spanish, but I just read through quickly (don't speak too much Spanish either).

    Glad to see it comes with a pouch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlowhor View Post
    Well we know the SKU now. PALM100HK
    Find the PRES people!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good work LemonadeRDX
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    Im reading it right now and its nothing important in spanish its just the same we all read about how to use the phone. Like answering and stuff and how it will help us multitask. nothing but i want it .
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    This is awesome!
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    Nice bro!
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