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    PalmGoon’s Pre is Coming | Palm Goon

    We had a call on Thursday informing us that we will be receiving an advance Palm Pre handset for review.

    We were told a while ago that a review phone would be sent to us three weeks before the actual release date.

    We weren’t told on Thursday when the phone will arrive but if it is to correlate with the 5/7 date then it should be pretty soon.

    We’ll let you know as soon as we get it, and will be releasing a full hands-on, with video, of the phone’s capabilities
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    Just read their tweet on this. Hopefully they will get it soon, and hopefully Dieter will be getting one as well!
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    Hmm. Usually there's NDAs on this sort of thing. I hope they didn't break their NDA before they actually got the thing...
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    Thats awesome, nice catch!

    Hoping for my phone call...
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