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    I hope others will (at least in Southern California) will find this useful and not just shameless self-promotion. I wish I had thought about posting to the forum before the actual meeting was held.

    There more than enough public information out there to begin discussing webOS development, So I've decided to start before the pre is released or the SDK is made public.

    Next developer meetup is June 14th: Topic HTML5 and webOS data storage.
    Next user meetup planned is getting together day 1 of pre sales in front of main OC Sprint store.

    More Details here: Southern California Palm preMongers

    --Greg Stevenson
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    Very cool. I'm not a developer, but I hope you get some traction with this. Success breeds success, so the more good apps...
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    Actually I'm curious if any developers have information posted on what they are working on for the Pre?
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    This is a great idea and I'm sure will no doubt help out the success of the Pre
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    I'm not a developer either, but I think it's great when developers reach out to the users' community for suggestions, ideas, etc. It's a great way to ensure that the application will turn out really well.

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