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    Disclaimer before we go any further: I do NOT have the Pre yet!

    Ok, with that out of the way, I'd like everybody's help. I'll obviously be doing a full review of the Pre. Actually I'll probably do two reviews -- one that's relatively short and readable and one that's, well, as in depth as humanly possible.

    That's where you come in. We've pretty much gotten to the point where many of you know as much as I do about the Pre and the questions I'm getting from the contact form are the kinds of questions I can't answer without testing.

    So: Please reply here with questions you'd like me to address in our full Pre review.

    I don't know when I'll be getting my Pre and I don't know how long I'll have with it before I need to publish the review. But I want to get as much in there as possible.
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    The ability for PAM. (Phone As Modem)

    How does one get there info to the device if there using Outlook and they don't have Exchange.

    Battery Life if your able too given the time that you have with it

    How's the BT on it

    How is it as a phone
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    Sprint Navigation: How well integrated is Sprint Navigation? Can addresses be sent to sprint nav from web sites, emails ect... Does Sprint Nav provide notifications of the next turn while in other apps

    Web Browser: Is it true you can't select text on web pages? I know it's been rumored, but can you confirm when you get your hands on one.

    Lock Screen: Is there any? What's it look like?
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    Can I run Telenav GPS software which uses the data network and talk on the phone at the same time?
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    I'm not sure what to ask that you'll obviously cover.

    So i'll stick to what may not be obvious?

    1. How much of a pain is opening that covering on the USB port?

    2. How the multitouch screen compares with the iphone in terms of sensitivity. Does it respond as smoothly?

    3. How does the speaker compare with something familiar like say..a Centro.

    4. Does the phone seem squeaky if you grip it tightly like a Centro does? Take the cover off and put it on a few times. The Centro didn't get that way til the battery cover was removed a few times.

    5. Is it compatible with Windows 7

    6. Can you buy an app once and put it on multiple Pre's? Not sure how you test that..
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    Does it have a native profiles capability like the Profiles application for Treo and Centro? This application lets you switch to mute during a meeting or at certain times. Even better: does it have location-aware profiles so it can use the GPS location in the profiles determination?
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    Honestly, it doesn't matter to me what you say in the review, because I'm getting one for myself regardless.
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    This may seem odd, but can you answer the phone without looking at the screen?
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    1. Can MP3s be set as ringtones/alarm sounds?
    2. How much access to the Pre will legacy Palm apps have? For example, will VolumeCare Pro be able to control the volume on the Pre, or do they only run in their own little 'bubble'?
    3. When on a phone call and an SMS or other alert occurs, does the phone buzz/ring, or does it wait to alert you until the phone call ends? This is one of the biggest annoyances on my Centro, (the person on the other end gets a nasty buzz in their ear) and what prompted me to purchase VolumeCare Pro because it delays the incoming alert until after the call is ended.
    4. Let's say the Pre is on the table, the screen is off and I've been out of the room. When I return and glance at the Pre, is there anything that alerts me to a missed call/SMS/email...something like an LED or other visual alert, or do I have to pick up the phone and open it/turn it on?

    That's it for now. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Lovin' my Centro...keeping an eye on the Pre.

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    1. Can multiple Exchange Active Sync profiles be run simultaneously? For example, I have a personal hosted Exchange account and a work Exchange account. Can the Pre's e-mail client handle both of them at once? Secondary: Can the Pre's e-mail client handle digital certificates for identification and/or encryption?

    2. Verify whether content can be copied to the clipboard from the web browser.

    3. YouTube client?

    4. Can downloaded Flash video clips (.flv files) be played in the video player?

    5. Is there a file manager and real file system with folders etc. accessible from both the Pre and drive mode?

    6. Does the Pre have access to the file system while in USB drive mode?

    7. Are conference calls and call waiting still crippled by Sprint's "hang up on both callers and then get called back by the system" approach?

    8. Does the Pre have visual voicemail (a la iPhone style)?
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    1. phone call clarity (my 700wx makes all callers sound like they are standing in the middle of a busy intersection);

    2. strength of bluetooth radio and clarity of voice when connected to headset (hardly use bluetooth, but would be nice to know that I can);

    3. whether older third-party sync applications (like NotifyLink) will work in the emulator so that I can sync my work email right out of the box (groupwise server).

    Thanks for any insight you can give.

    Oh, and 4. can you fedex it to me so I can check it out myself.
    It may seem like I am doing nothing, but on a cellular level I'm really quite busy.
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    Does the Slingbox app work with the Palm OS emulator?
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    1. Can you assign groups?

    2. Can you assign ringers to certain contacts or groups?

    3. Does it have a ringer profile integrated w/ your schedule i.e. if schedule says meeting does it automagicly go to vibrate, if not can I assign a profile for certain periods?
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    How can memos be sync'd to the desktop, if at all? It seems that neither Google nor EAS allows syncing of memos.

    Is it possible to get at the PIM information via USB? In other words, can I easily just copy the entire USB disk to make a backup on my computer? Can applications also be backed up this way?

    What does the file system structure look like?

    What is the extent of document support (pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), etc.)?

    How about some website tests? Show us screenshots of various websites, and give us an idea for how quickly they load.

    Does Roger McNamee's location-aware capability actually exist and work as advertised?

    Can individual contacts, calendar events, or tasks be sync'd to multiple locations? By that I mean can I enter an appointment and have it go to both my Exchange calendar and my Google calendar?

    How about a "day in the life" description comparing the experience with different smartphones (say Centro, BB Storm, and oh, I don't know, maybe the iPhone)? I want to know how it feels to live with this thing.
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    I spend a lot of time on my GoldWing, and have it set up to use my Treo while I'm riding. So, besides some of the more obvious ones, here's what I'd like to find out:

    1) Does the shape seem to totally preclude it from having a mount designed/used for it? (See Ram Mount's site for what I'm talking about - They don't make one for the Treo, but this is the one for an iPhone, and this is the one I use for my Treo - picture it sideways, like the iPhone's).

    2) When earphones (or, in the case of my bike, a custom helmet intercom connector) is plugged in, do the MP3 ringtones play through the earphones? They did on the 700, they did not on the 755. I was disappointed, to say the least.

    3) How "sturdy" does the body feel? Not related to scratches and drops, but just the heavy handed handling that it might have to endure being attached to a vibrating mount, dropped in a pocket, handled with heavy gloves, etc?

    Weird questions, I know, but been there, done that. Probably won't make a difference on whether I buy or not, but since you asked...
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    Does it have a 4G radio in it? Sorry guys, I had to.
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    One I forgot about.

    If at all possible, can you see if you can find a "stock issue" Dell laptop computer with Blue Tooth, and see how well it connects?

    I had to go in and do massive hacking to my Dell laptops to get them connect. I'm certain that was because of the crappy Toshiba BT stack Dell used. Back in January, I reformatted my 6800, and delibertely held off hacking the BT stack again, hoping the Pre will connect without it.
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    Can you txt to a group that has multiple people in it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by asforme View Post

    Lock Screen: Is there any? What's it look like?
    Yes. It looks like the iPhone's lock screen (slide a button to unlock) except that the button can be slid from the center in any direction in a 180 degree arc. Not just left to right.
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    Sorry if any of this stuff is obvious and are things that you were already going to do.

    1 -Try out PDANet ( PdaNet -- Use your Treo smartphone as a Wireless Modem for your PC ) on the emulator and see if PAM will work for bluetooth or USB - that's my biggest hope for getting tethering right now.

    2 - Stress test it - open a bunch of cards and see how many can be open before things start to slow down, and see how webOS handles low memory situations.

    3 - As much detail on the battery life as possible - see how long it takes to run it down from a full charge on both a day of rigorous use and a day when it's barely used.

    4 - Take lots of pictures in different lighting situations and settings so we get a sense of the picture quality.

    5 - How customizable is it? I really like digging around setting screens, so screenshots or details of those would be great.

    Thanks a lot Dieter, looking forward to your review!
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