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    Quote Originally Posted by poopsie View Post
    YES YES YES, this is the main one I want to know also-
    OMG.....I didnt even realize this....omg...omg...Iwas sadabout givingup my Sling for the Pre...but ifit works with the classic OS...IMGONNABE EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!
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    How robust is the music player? Playlists, EQ adjustments, etc.
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    I thought of a question even though I'm getting it anyway. What about with the email,support for multiples? Like, say I had a Google account for work and another for personal, could I add both and have them sync properly? Or even better, multiple Exchange servers at once. If my company uses Exchange, and I also want to use Exchange for my personal email, can I do that? (As far as I know, nothing else exists that can do that, but it'd be nice to have.)
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    Screen quality, I have seen questions about durability, but how about visibility under different lighting conditions. In a lot of the videos there is a lot of glare, so the question is how usable is the phone in sunlight or other different lighting conditions, especially with the slight curve of the screen.
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    I would love to know how well bluetooth integration works with car systems and if there is anyway to filter which contacts get synced with the car. On the 800w it's all or nothing and I have too many contacts.
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    As of this today, Google added Tasks (you can display it on the right side of Calendar).

    So now Google has Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and NoteBook (Notebook is as close to Memos as anything they have).

    Will all of these sync with the PIMs on the Pre?

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    What about different colour themes for the UI (besides green)?

    (Probably a fairly obvious point you might cover)
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    Tell us what the MA rating is on the charger.
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    Please let me know if the bluetooth supports AVRCP for remote control of the media player...volume + or -, and stuff. If this is already included in the A2DP profile...sorry for asking.
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    How does it compare to Blackberry Curve for typing.?

    Does installing ( not executing) new applications slow down the machine ?

    Does the browsing experience is on par with desktop speeds (minus flash) ?

    Does Copy Paste function is easy to use ?

    What do you do when the phone either crashes or stops responding ( hard reset, soft reset or kill APPS) ?

    Can you send / receive pictures,files to a bluetooth enabled laptop ?

    Can you use the USB host function to read SD cards ?

    Does it support corporate VPN i.e. CISCO VPN ?

    Can the phone be wiped out remotely if stollen ?

    And please note the following observations

    How long the battery can provide juice with three email sync accounts of which one is outlook ?

    How many times you slid open the keyboard in a day during the review period ?

    How many times you re booted the machine during the review time ?
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    My questions are easy:

    How loud are the ringtones(custom ones)? I need a lound ring due to work area

    How easy is the phone operating and setting up wise(this will be the wife's first TRUE phone)

    Explain how the mms works.
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    What photo and video formats will the Pre support with the built-in viewers? Can it display .png or .tif photos or .wmv files?

    Is there any way to activate the flash on the back to use it as a flashlight that stays on as long as needed?

    What is the mirror on the back like? Is it just some shiny stuff painted on that could easily scratch, or something a bit more durable like a real glass mirror?

    How does it handle multiple Gmail accounts? I have a personal and a work account that have tons of contacts I don't want to slog through on my phone, but need to keep on the computer. If it does import everything and I delete a contact on the phone, is only the local copy deleted or will the Gmail contact be lost too?

    What kind of shortcuts does the keyboard support? Can I dial a number or launch an app by holding down a key like with the Treo? Would it need to be in the phone app to do that or will it do it from anywhere on the phone?
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    I have a few bluetooth questions...

    Does it support PBAP and OPP?

    Can it run more than one connection at a time? Ex: handsfree and connection to another device (ex: gps reciever like the Treos can).
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    The Pre shows Calendar items from different cloud calendars as different colors. How does it show tasks from different cloud tasks lists?
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    Keyboard compared to Curve and Centro.

    Time is takes to load web page.

    Contacts. Are they easy to manage, how do you keep the 100 people from Facebook out of there even though they're on your Facebook.

    Themes/color changes?

    Speed dial functionality?
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    I'm sure that my ignorance will shine brightly...please show mercy...

    Can I sync the pre with my outlook daily if I'm not on my company's server? I currently sync my smart phone with a cable when I get to work each day to keep contacts/meetings current. My company won't allow my phone on their system and I am not allowed to connect wirelessly or forward email for security reasons. I can make due with gmail for email but the other would really suck if I could not update or had to keep two calendars (gmail and outlook for work.)
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    How many categories do Calendar, Contacts, etc have?

    Also can entries be in more than one category?
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    I want to know if you an tether via bluetooth/usb. Or will this forum not support tweaking/hacking?
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    Will the PDA net work with the emulator?
    Will our existing app registrations and device name work through the emulator?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crod76 View Post
    Will the PDA net work with the emulator?
    Will our existing app registrations and device name work through the emulator?
    There is a program in Classic called device id that will let you assign your HSID to the emulator so registrations will work

    I am not sure about PDAnet but I do know that internet will be the only thing that Classic is able to use as far as device radios go so pdanet might work...
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