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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    Disclaimer before we go any further: I do NOT have the Pre yet!

    Ok, with that out of the way, I'd like everybody's help. I'll obviously be doing a full review of the Pre. Actually I'll probably do two reviews -- one that's relatively short and readable and one that's, well, as in depth as humanly possible.

    That's where you come in. We've pretty much gotten to the point where many of you know as much as I do about the Pre and the questions I'm getting from the contact form are the kinds of questions I can't answer without testing.

    So: Please reply here with questions you'd like me to address in our full Pre review.

    I don't know when I'll be getting my Pre and I don't know how long I'll have with it before I need to publish the review. But I want to get as much in there as possible.
    Sorry if anyone else has said this, but I'm not used to Opera Mini and it was taking to long for me to read the other posts.

    Like so many others, I'd like to know how difficult it is to view webpages in the landscape orientation, type text in necessary fields in "regular" orientation, then switch back to landscape to read, etc, etc...

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    Can it survive being shipped multiple times? Send it to me after its shipped to you and I'll help you check off this box

    Call quality both on the handset and via BT would be important; screen scratch resistance; *definitive* answer on SERO; how cramped is keyboard; does synergy work as advertised; best built-in apps; what they got wrong/need to fix

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    It's still not clear to me if push email via Gmail's IMAP Idle will be supported. Appreciate if it could be clarified once you get your hand on one. Thanks
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    one more question that is concern of mine... how will it handle playback from sites like hulu
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    Quote Originally Posted by udratherbme View Post
    one more question that is concern of mine... how will it handle playback from sites like hulu
    I don't think it will work at launch because it does not have Flash support yet.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    does the Pre's email application allow you to CHOOSE (Email, Contacts, and/or Calendar) what exactly you want to sync via EAS (Exchange Active Sync) or is it an all or nothing proposition as is the current PalmOS Versamail EAS application. for example, can i choose Email only under EAS? Or maybe choose Email + Contacts only but NO Calendar?

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    My fiancee's Treo picks up background noise quite a bit on calls. I'm as interested in the functionality as a phone as anything else. Can you report back on this?

    On copy-paste from web pages, not a huge deal for me from the standpoint of blocks of text, but is there a way of copying an embedded URL and pasting it elsewhere?

    Battery life of course - I'm sure you will put it through the ringer on this.

    Other than that - have fun, you lucky dog
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    Oh yeah - sync scheduling - is it automatic, time of day scheduling capability?

    Camera picture quality.

    Sites like ustream, qik - can the phone receive video that's not flash?

    Music management and playback. Playlist control, random play, repeat, etc.

    Quality of audio extending to external speakers for music thru output jack. Along the same lines, extension of audio through micro-usb (one of my car stereos has both 3mm and USB support for external support).
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    Crap, I keep thinking of things

    Wifi support - ease of picking up local wireless networks (I have two separate networks running in my home).
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    1. Does the Pre support Sprint's Liv Search app?
    2. Awhile back, there was talk about the calendar, contact and GPS being integrated into one another to the point that the Pre would send an email if you were going to be late to a meeting based on the location of the meeting and your current location. Can you confirm whether or not this feature actually exists?
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    Here's one:

    Can the Pre user choose which, of two open calls, to disconnect?
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    On my Touch Pro, there's no easy way to turn off Bluetooth. Since I sometimes leave my Bluetooth headset in my bag in the trunk, it's beyond frustrating to be unable to answer the phone while driving.

    On my wife's Treo Pro, she can simply hit a button on the incoming call screen to turn Bluetooth off. Bliss!

    Does the Pre have the same functionality as the Treo?
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    How about displaying multiple Google calendars? How many is the limit? I'd like to be able to display mine, my wife's, a few friends, etc. And I'd like to be able to filter them however I'd like: Just show mine, show mine & my wife's, mine and a friend, etc. Can I do that?


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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Does the Slingbox app work with the Palm OS emulator?
    YES YES YES, this is the main one I want to know also-
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    I would like to know:

    1. will a call recording app. work on the pre through the "classic" app.? Also, will I have to have it open in a card at all times if I want it to record on all incoming calls? (callrec or mvoice)

    2. will kinoma work on classic?

    3. Will tryda work on classic?

    4. will 2day work on classic? Again, will I have to have it open as a card at all times?

    5. Battery life?

    Thanks for everything!
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    Quote Originally Posted by asforme View Post
    Data Transfer Agent? From everything I can find you plug it in and it shows up as an external drive, just like a thumb drive or hard drive. There better not be any required proprietary agents or the Pre is a no-go for me and my Linux machines.
    You apparently missed that discussion. The DTA helps you get your data off and old Palm to the Pre. One option is that you can put all your PIM data just on the Pre. Cloud PIM data is not required.
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    Sorry, one other thing about the phone call recording:

    1. Will I be able to transfer the recorded calls to my computer to free up hard drive space on the pre using the usb chord?

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    How the Pre handles Google Voice, for (1) viewing the mobile Google Voice site; (2) placing calls through Google Voice; and (3) sending/receiving SMS through Google Voice.
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    One thing that's confused me about the Pre from the first is the statement that there's no need for save/save as menu items, because a document/email/etc. is automatically saved whenever you flip the card off the screen.

    If I heard that correctly, here are some questions:

    1. If you're drafting an email and then exit the card (what's going to be the vernacular for that?), is it stored in a drafts folder for future sending? Or does it send automatically? The latter would be a bad thing.

    2. If you're editing a document and decide you _don't_ want to save it, is there a way to discard the changes (i.e., close without saving)?

    3. If you're editing a document and want to save it simply for safety, can you do so?
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    Great question wynand32. I second the above question.
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