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    I got this site bookmarked in opera on my instinct so i do check it ALOT lol. During my 3 breaks at work and when i get home i will check it very frequently. Although i do not post much, i like reading for new info and tidbits.
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    I *think* I have a few of you beat. But I'm not sure.
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    Right now I sped about 2 hours a week total on the forums + website. I check information about the pre and the 800w. Once the pre arrives, I will probably spend upwards of 5-10 hours a week
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    Honestly I do not keep track of such things....I imagine about 1 or 2 hours....often during lunch or breaks.......but I tend to multitask a lot so it is hard to say.
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    Since I'm freelance and technically could be considered at work whenever I'm online(answering business emails and stuff like that), I likely easily approached 20 hours a week. I visit this board A LOT.
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    while I am @ work seriously between 30 mins to and hour a day on average depending on if i feel like replying or sharing information... so 2.5 to 5 a week give or take 35
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    Quote Originally Posted by PedroTheGoat View Post
    I check it on my Blackberry when I can sneak a glance. As a bartender, I tend to get really busy a lot and literally don't have the required seconds it takes to take a quick glance.
    How do you hold a bottle of liquor with hooves....?
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    I check about every hour on my Treo.
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    You mean you don't have an automatic refresh every 10 seconds on the Pre forums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    I *think* I have a few of you beat. But I'm not sure.
    DUDE! Its your job! You better be online more than us
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    I only work when someone e-mails me their I've been on all day. My supervisor keeps asking me about the phone too, and said "more Pre forums?"
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    Probably 10-12 a week. Besides checking the site all the time I have all my twitter feeds linked to this site and a few other dedicated Pre sites. However, I do like this one the best!
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    I suppose I'm odd man out here.

    The Centro is my first smart phone by Palm, and I bought it only because there's no legitimate (new) PDA successor for the Tungsten T3.

    I therefore regard a Centro (and a Pre) as a PDA with a phone thrown in; seen like that, the Pre sucks - no PDA without card slot is really worth buying; so, until someone tells me that the third Pre (after that rumoured entry level device) will have a slot, it's 30 minutes a week max in this forum.

    Regards, Jochen
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    Honestly: an average of 5 minutes per day just popping in to see whats going on

    now....BEFORE AND AFTER WORK is a different story.
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    I would never read this type of "personal" interest forum at wo... Oops, gotta go, BOSS is coming!
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