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    Correction to the earlier post. The encounter was in '06 and the product turned out to be the Treo 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by georges326 View Post
    Do we have any idea of what level Sprint employee these people were?
    We don;t even have any idea that the story is in the lest bit true. It doesn't sound true in the least to be frank from the description.

    I have had to fire people. Under circumstances like this having to do with either NDA or a even just a employer asserting violation of employment terms you are going to have a preliminary interview and an exit interview, probably with several managers present.

    My guess is this is a rumor being whispered among sprint employees that went from "they will fire you" evolving into an internal urban legend of an acutal firing that a "friend of a friend" heard of.
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    Agreed aero, the handing out paychecks and pink slips in the middle of a meeting sounds very unprofessional and too dramatic to be true.
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    I am not too upset the employees got fired, I just wish we knew something that was worth get fired for...
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    I wonder if whatever Sprint is keeping secret is what these 2 guys from Predevcamp were talking about months ago back in March when they visited sprint HQ in Kansas:

    preDevCamp Sprint Host Meeting With preDevCamp Kansas City Crew
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    it was a joke, silly. sorry, are you a "survivor"?

    OMG ty for posting that link. Wow, needed that laugh as I'm sitting here playing with palm stock today.
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