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    let's say you can buy the Pre early but there's a $100 surcharge for every month EARLY you get it before the actual public launch. assume no bugs, same hardware/software, and same base price as launch devices. how many months would you "buy" early - if any?

    personally, i'd buy one month early for $100.
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    I'd wait out the month if it meant saving $100. I really want the Pre, but I'd have to think twice if it was over $250.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    personally, i'd buy one month early for $100.
    I'm with you Gekko. I'd pay $100 to get it a month in advance. I might even pay $200
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    i'd pay up to 100 extra.
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    No. I could use the $100 on many other things.
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    Hell no. We don't even know the release date, so how would we know what "early" is?
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    No. It is just a phone.
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    Not me
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    Sure. My kids can afford to skip a few meals.
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    If 100% no issues, I more than likely would... depends on the phone though.

    maybe I could get it and do something original... yea, really original, like start my very own pre enthusiast website! I've not seen one of those. I'll make billions!
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    First off...there should be a poll


    I'm too poor to pay extra just to get something early.
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    I would pay a 100 bucks to get it a month early.
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    I'd wait and with the 100$ saved get an massage with a H.E. its just a phone...
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    Nope. I like the Pre but I am not fanboy material.
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    if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, why not? personally, I wouldn't pay $50 more for a month early. Its just a phone and after the newness wears off after a day or 2, I'd wish I could've spent that on the touchstone.
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    I'd have to know how much it costs to start with before I could guess. Realistically everyone who is an early adopter pays more to have it "early". All phones get cheaper over time.
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    I would pay $201 if the price is $200. But they wouldn't give it to us early even for $100,000,000,000,000.
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    I'm going to try to get it for one hundred dollars less when its released if I cannot get it for free
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    assume price with 2 year contract is $300.

    so -

    May 7 = $300 + $100 = $400
    June 7 = $300
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