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    Can't disagree there..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    If price and availability of phones was the same on all carriers, I would most definitely be using Verizon.
    Well said. Of course, there seems to be at least some correlation between prices and network coverage/quality. We had to drop Sprint in my company - we just couldn't abide the excess of dropped calls compared to Verizon. For us, Verizon is the cheaper deal when so much of our business is dependent on reliable connectivity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons
    So, am I understanding that were it not for the iPhone, AT&T would have lost about 4 1/2 million subscribers instead of gaining 2.5?


    So, AT&T is gaining subscribers because of a phone that folks love, not because of their fantastic customer service, their wonderful worldwide network, etc?

    Hmmm, maybe Sprint might do OK with a phone that folks will love.
    LOL. I think you might be on to something.
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    Their advertising up till now is fine. However, May is the month to start focusing on the PRE. Sprint spent all April pumping up their "Now" Network and establishing their network as fresh, hip, and powerful.

    Its now time to start showing people the phone to take the most advantage with this network. If the first week or two of ad's you want to focus it as a joint "Pre/NOW" thing, that's fine. Think the Storm ad's where they managed to allude to the Verizon Network still. But May MUST be the month of the Pre Advertising, not the network advertising.

    It was futile to advertise for the Pre 2 months out, and when Sprints rep as a network was still bad. It was a brilliant move by Sprint to start a fresh Ad campaign an extra month out pumping up their network and alluding to the Pre without directly advertising it, thus not getting huge expecations up for the average person. But now, within a month(ish) from launch, its time to start getting people hyped for the PHONE.
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