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    Actually, that's true. I don't know enough about magnetic induction to know if data transfer would be possible though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asforme View Post
    No, no, no! The reason I don't have an iPhone is because I hate iTunes and I refuse to be locked in to using some proprietary software to get full use out of my device. Appearing as a USB drive is perfect, Amarok as well as a variety of other media players can do intelligent syncing with a simple external drive and I using Linux am not forced to hack around to make it work. I am buying the pre specifically because it makes use of the web services I already have directly and does not require me to use their software or services.
    I didn't mean a mandatory app like Apple's. But an alternative..a means to manage media, purchase it, play it, manage apps, sync, or provide any unique Foleo type functions.

    If Palm wants to explore the market of media/mp3 players, it would really help them to have their own brand of something similar to itunes because its what the masses know. But no, nothing that would "lock" you into using it. Such a product goes a long way to selling the idea that Palm's OS can do media which the masses probably won't connect to otherwise.

    You can't ignore the fact that the ipod touch outsells the iphone. This isn't copying but moreso entering that market which is basically the PDA/MP3 player segment that Apple rules.
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    Amazon has a great brand everyone knows... I think any PalmTunes store will come from them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanharig View Post
    Amazon has a great brand everyone knows... I think any PalmTunes store will come from them.
    Well, yeah. That goes without saying. Both Palm and Amazon benefit here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    What I'm trying to understand from people who like the idea of a Foleo is why a Netbook with the same form factor as a Foleo at the same price isn't more appealing especially if there was a Foleo app or Cloud you could access.
    It's only that the "Foleo" is representative of a certain concept that netbooks haven't managed to capture. Despite everything, netbooks don't improve on traditional laptops... of-course they decidedly cost less, but any configuration that's even slightly functional is actually around 900 - 1000 USD, putting it in the laptop category. Hell, they don't even have good battery life.

    In-fact I think netbooks are a big scam, but that's another thread.
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    The Goat just ordered an Asus 100HE netbook. GreenHex, the reviewed battery life of the thing is 8 - 9 hours. I've never seen that type of battery life from a notebook or anything of the sort.

    1.66 Ghz processor.
    2gig of RAM (After upgrade)
    160 gb hard drive.

    It cost the Goat only 375USD. The thing can play HD videos with little to no lag and even run World of Warcraft (The Goat can't play WoW... Too time consuming). I would say it's pretty functional! (It runs XP BTW)

    I don't think they are a scam at all. As a college student, I think it will fit my needs fairly well. I'm saddened by the news of a possible WebOS netbook though. I would love to have a netbook that easily integrated with my Pre. So yeah... The Goat thinks netbooks are awesome. My Eee PC will have to tide me over until the Pre comes out.

    I think a redesigned Foleo is a great concept. I would jump on board in the future. (When my current netbook poops out)
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    Netbooks are great or those of us willing to get on board with "cloud" computing. Basically all you need is a good web browser and you're in the cloud. Netbooks give you that and are a heck of a lot more portable than standard laptops. In fact I'd go so far to say that if a netbook can't meet your needs, you're probably not going to be happy with the web-centric, "cloud" direction that the pre is going.
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