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    Very straight forward article:

    Why the Palm Pre Is Important
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    Good article my friend. It is really the WebOS that attracts many of us to the Pre. Even if the Pre will be successful or not this particular user interface will go a long way.
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    This article nails it.

    The success of the early Palm PDAs (as oposed to Apple's Newton), as well as its Treo smartphones rested on this single most important factor - UI/ease-of-use.

    The sheer clunkiness of other mobile OSes would leave me frustrated.

    Which is why I was bowled over by the i-phone when it came out. But the lack of a physical kb, having to go to the launcher screen each time I wanted to open a new application (annoying as hell), as well as the limited PIM functionality (the raison d'etre of smart-phones as another poster pointed out) kept me away.

    Another important point, I think - 'ease-of-use'/'intuitiveness' depends on the size/shape/design of the icons. I could never figure out how people scroll through the icons on a blackberry.... horribly designed and too small a screen for my tastes. And don't even get me started on WinDoze....

    This is where the i-phone did a magnificent job - every single icon on the default launcher page seems - for lack of a better word - "Iconic".... as if our brains were designed to recognize them as default icons for those applications. Two years later, and I STILL marvel at that default app-launcher screen.

    The Pre's Launcher looks great too, but I still can't make up my mind, whether it is as gorgeous as the i-phone's.

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