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    Smartphone history: Treo 650 > HTC 6800 (Mogul) > HTC 6850 (Touch Pro)

    Got rid of the 650 a couple years ago when I couldn't run a lot of the new apps coming out. I wanted a phone with EVDO and GPS so I picked up a Mogul. That was a very capable phone but also very underpowered. I was fine with it for the most part as I had TomTom, streaming radio, web, Exchange, and wireless tethering but the build quality sucked and eventually had a few hardware problems. Went to trade it out but they weren't making them anymore so I got a Touch Pro for $50 instead.

    Touch Pro is actually a pretty good phone IMO. I keep all of the functionality but with a decent processor, ram, and screen. With a cooked ROM it is fast and effective.

    Still...I am a sucker for the new stuff and I have always wanted a phone with the slick screen of an iPhone and the fast graphical capabilities of one. I just couldn't give up my keyboard and multitasking. Now lo and behold there is a new Palm coming out with a nice capacitive screen, multitouch, fast hardware, and a nice modern OS. It's got a keyboard, got multitask, syncs with the three services I use most for professional and personal contacts/calendars and keeps the QWERTY. On top of that I already swear by Sprint since I am a heavy data user. Other carriers can't get anywhere near the price of a Sprint plan with unlimited data and text. That's even without the 14% discount I get just for working where I do.

    Pre looks like a win-win for me. The only thing I will miss is wired or wireless tethering until some 3rd party like USB Modem or WMWifi comes out for the Pre. That is the only big thing I will be giving up when the Pre comes out.

    I will still probably pick one up on release day and I will probably get a second because my girlfriend always wants to play with my phone and is getting sick of her crappy VZW flip.
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    I will be giving up a 755p.
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    BB pearl
    I love lolcats
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    A quirky, broken, probably dying, pain in my rear... Palm Centro
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    Blackberry Curve.
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    I have been waiting last year for Android then came the Pre and I'm waiting for it and I love it much more.
    Waiting for these phones my Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) battery died and I have gone back to my good old Treo 600 (still love it). With some surgery i got it working again (had some problems with antenna and microphone).

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    Apple iPhone 3G.

    I waited for the release of the 3G iPhone in order to have great data speeds and good call quality (WCDMA instead of TDMA GSM)... But AT&T really dropped the ball on this one. Their 3G network is a joke, especially in Austin, TX where I live. A day that I only drop 3-5 calls is a good day (it's not the phone, people in other countries such as Canada don't even know what a dropped call is, basically).

    The iPhone is a fantastic product, and if the Pre can match it's UI's ease of use with multitasking and a network that can actually deliver (Sprint is great here), I'm going to be very happy...
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    Centro... with its terrible battery life...
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    we threw a poll up on the front page if you guy's don't mind adding:
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    755p -- i hate this phone
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    755P. Good riddance.
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    755P on Sprint. Even though I finally have it stable and like it again!
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    I've had a palm OS product on my belt clip for over 10 years and a smart phone for at least 8 of those years! I've held out on migrating to a Blackberry or an iPhone because I've been waiting for the next generation Palm OS. It looks like I'm going to be rewarded for my faith and none to soon. I'm going to miss the Palm OS, but I'm so looking forward to WebOS. Anyway my device history is below. As you can see, I've been very loyal to Palm, Handspring and Sprint for the vast majority of my device history.

    Palm Professional (Palm OS 2.0)
    Handspring Visor Deluxe (Ice, Ice, Baby)
    Kyrocera 6035 (Sprint)
    Sansung i300 (Sprint)
    Handspring Treo 300 (Sprint)
    Handspring Treo 600 (Sprint)
    Palm Treo 600 (Sprint)
    PalmOne Treo 650 (Verizon)
    Palm Treo 755p (Sprint)

    The 755p has served me well. It got me back on Sprint after 2+ years on Verizon. I had been hoping to hold out for Stereo Bluetooth and GPS but that wasn't predicted until the next gen OS. Beyond those features, the main things I'm looking forward to is integrated email management and multi-tasking. I'm also very pleased that I didn't go with the iPhone mainly for lack of a hardware keyboard.

    I can't wait for early June. I've got my wife set to give me an early Father's Day present. Woo Hoo!
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    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    I will be ditching a Palm Centro. It's been good to me... but it's time for an UPGRADE!!!!!!
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    Palm Pre 755p... I think my phone knows its going to be replaced. Has been acting up, by not wanting to take its charge and other little things.LOL
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    Palm 755P

    I must be one of the lucky users, I've NEVER had a problem with it like a lot of the people on here seemed to have. My biggest "Palm qualm" in that the OS is essentially the same as it was when I got my original Palm Pilot!!! Newer apps and color of course, but the OS itself is VERY outdated.

    I was drooling over my friends' iPhones and G1s. I refused to go back to AT&T, so made up my mind to go with the G1. I planned to get one the following month, then the Pre was released a week later!!!

    My 755 will be on eBay the day I get my Pre!!!
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    Sanyo SCP-8400
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    An old, creaky, and dying Sanyo PM-8200.
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    My first smartphone was a p800 with ATT Blue back in 2002. I've had a Windows Mobile since. Currently a Touch Pro. I'm just sick of the fact that if I want a software update I have to hack my phone and install it or buy a new phone. I Just want one that is always updated. Goodbye Windows Mobile.
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