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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft View Post
    I think I'll finally have to give up my beloved Voicestream VisorPhone (sigh).
    LOL! I can appreciate that!

    As for me, as much as I love the power and capability of Windows Mobile, I'm looking forward to coming back to a Palm device. Very excited.
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    Moto Razr here and I can't wait. It's the worst phone ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger_000 View Post
    Like the title says, what phone will you be switching from for the Pre?

    I am switching from an HTC Touch Pro.
    Me too, can't wait to get rid of WM-They really need to fire all the Windows Mobile employees and start fresh. It is SO old school compared to the new OS's out there.
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    If I had known about the Palm Pre before the HTC Touch Pro came out, I would have kept my Samsung A920 "dumb-phone". I have had sooo many issues with my Touch Pro. Not worth even getting free with 2-year contract, let alone $300 after mail-in rebate. I hope they let me exchange it for the Palm Pre as I have had to return it 3 times already...
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    I'll tell you, the best way to attack it is to call Technical support. Be nice, but stress that you are very agitated with the performance or whatever your issue is. Then bring up the fact of maybe swapping out for a different phone, they have the authority to do it. I got the TP from the Diamond that way, basically just putting lipstick on a pig though.
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    switching from an iphone
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    Switching from Palm 755p
    Palm M100 => Treo 755P => Treo 800w => Treo 755p => Palm Pre => No more Palm/HP products
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    Who?: help desk technician/gadget & IT geek
    What?: switching from Sprint HTC Mogul
    When?: hopefully first day of release
    Where?: will try local stores, but may end up getting it over the phone (Sprint stores and Best Buy in the Seattle area always get small stock of new phones)
    Why?: WM frustrates me, willing to try something else
    How?: get Exchange/ActiveSync working like butter and try to get acquainted with whatever navigation proggie is available at launch, otherwise I'm switching back (the Mogul does Exchange and TomTom too damn good)!

    Palm/Sprint better serve up an ace or I'm returning it like Federer
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    Treo Pro. Using this for push email, surfing, IM, RSS, Twitter, Facebook. Key issue is whether or not Gmail IMAP Idle for push email is supported out of the box before I decide if I can use the Pre. Otherwise I'll have to wait.
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    Sony Ericsson K660i. It's a nice phone with some good features, but when your inbox gets full it tends to lag... and installing too many J2ME apps causes random crashes lol
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    Essentially switching from an iPhone 3G. Grabbed a Treo Pro as a temporary measure since I couldn't stand my network coverage with AT&T.
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    switching from samsung instinct worst phone i ever bought. After only 3 moinths of having it the gps sound stopped working and it is entirely to slow.[B] COME ON PRE I'M WAITING
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    My primary devices right now are the Treo Pro and iPhone 3G. Most likely my wife will replace her 1st gen iPhone with my iPhone 3G and I will keep the second line for device testing/reviews. My SIM sometimes resides in a Nokia E71, Moto Q9H (not since the E71 though), or Blackberry Curve 8300 (I only do this when I want to make sure I have a horrible day).

    Yes, I have a problem. I am aware. I would seek counseling, but I somehow managed to get a part time job doing tech support for a company that develops for Palm OS, Windows Mobile (both Pro and Standard), Blackberry, and iPhones.
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    sony ericsson s700i - tmobile
    this is going to be a huge upgrade
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    hmmm .. i ;m too lazy to do this .. .does anyone want to go throught the thread and add up who's swtiching from what ?
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    I'm switching from a Blackberry Bold, and a few Nokia phones as well. But before I commit I have to take a look at potential savings over my $90/month deal with AT&T. What I saw so far with plans suggests I'll pay about $70/month with a Pre to duplicate the services I'm currently getting with AT&T.
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    I'm switching from Verizon and a Treo 700wx.
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    I'll be getting rid of my Instinct and my wife will give up her BB 8330
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    I'd be leaving the BB Storm.

    My smartphone history:

    1. Kyocero 6035
    2. Kyocero 7135
    3. Treo 650
    4. Treo 755p
    5. BB Storm

    I really, really miss Palm's superior PIM system.
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    Treo Pro, well had it returned this week before my 30 days is up and will be using my centro till the Pre comes out.
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