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    My 800w....eactly one year old this month!!

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    my quirky 800w
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    755p I love it,but, I've been seduced by the Pre.
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    my instinct thank god goodbye
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    I'll be switching away from a Treo Pro.

    I only bought the TP to replace my Treo 680, as the former can do two things at once and has decent fast mobile internet. As a PDA, the TP is still years behind the thirteen year old PalmOS PIM apps, and I'm still stunned that the SMS app on the device CANNOT queue outgoing SMS when you have no signal.
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    Treo 650 GSM

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    I will be giving up my trusty (yet quirky) 755p. It was a big improvement on my 650, as I hope the Pre will be for it. I am glad that I can stay with Sprint though. In my area, I get much better quality with Sprint than I ever did with AT&T.
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    I will give up my 700wx ------BUT I'm another one of those SERO peeps so we'll see...
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    800w...10 months old, piece of junk

    I hate WM! I'm even thinking of going back to my Treo 650 and selling my 800w on eBay this week.
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    Sprint blackberry curve I love the blackberry but its getting old and the Pre is just awesome
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    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    htc touch diamond. Worst move ever. Should have stuck with my 700P. I can't stand windows mobile
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    Centro on VZW. Looking forward to bigger screen keyboard and webOS.
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    I will be giving up my 800w. Its a great piece of hardware but WM is not for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I will be giving up my 800w. Its a great piece of hardware but WM is not for me.

    Hardware - 9/10
    WM - 3/10
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    palm centro ...

    and if i have to pay full price possibly my fiance.
    da Gimp

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    BB 7100i
    Like someone else said. It was a really cool phone 2.5 years ago when I got it (and still works pretty good today), but it feel soooooo outdated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    palm centro ...

    and if i have to pay full price possibly my fiance.
    Look at it this way, if you get married, the Palm Pre will STILL be the only sleek sexy body you get to touch every day!
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    2000 Handspring Orange Deluxe (never did get the phone springboard tho)
    2003 Handspring, no wait, PalmOne Treo 600
    2007 Palm Treo 680 (Orange - for my wife!)
    2008 Blackberry Curve 8310

    Still hanging onto the 600, but there's a screw missing, it's using its second battery (high capacity!) and there's aluminum foil wrapped around the battery wires. The Curve is from work though, and data connection, thus GPS but no maps, etc.

    2009 Palm Pre (GSM!)

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