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    Bye bye iPhone.
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    The Samsung A920. Got it just under 3 years ago with Bell.

    My contract ends in July, just in time for Bell Canada's August release. You did say August was confirmed, right?
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    755p. I'll only give it up if I can get the Pre to work with SERO though.
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    My instinct will be extinct on june 6
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    One year this month with my 800w......."I'm so glad we had this time together...just to have a laugh and get a Pre".....LOL

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    I'm giving up a Motorolla Q. This has been my years to churn through phones, going through a 755p, several 6700s, a 700p, and three Qs (getting the 4th in 2-3 business days).

    Here's hoping the Pre will work with SERO and I can get off this ride. If not I'll be using my upgrade credit on something.
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    I'll be giving up my Blackberry, a handful of Nokias, and my carrier (AT&T).
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    Blackberry Curve on AT&T
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    Bye bye dear Centro. I knew thee well.
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