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    I think it is funny that people are making themes already for Blackberries. It actually doesn't look to bad from screenshots. Of course it is no PRE.. But it is amazing that the phone is not even released and people are copying it's OS.

    Make your BlackBerry look like a Palm Pre with PreBerry | BlackBerry Cool
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    Bought it. Maybe this will hold me over.
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    5.99? Not worth it, I rather spend it on an application for the Pre, whenever it does come out..........
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    Spoke too soon, I saw that it was only Storm compatible. I ALMOST bought it.
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    It's just like people who use OSX skins on XP and Vista. Some people like the look of a different OS. It doesn't mean they like the backend functionality of the other OS.
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    I bought TealOS to use on my Sprint Treo 755p to give me a Pre-"fix".
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