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    I think i qualify a a premier customer based on the plan i have had for the last few years, but do i have to formally apply for premier membership or is it automatic?
    It is automagic.
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    Syphon . That is SO awesome!!! You make THE best stuff for the Goat!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Longstanding customers get an exclusive first peek at new products and services such as the upcoming Palm Pre™, and then are among the first with opportunities to purchase when they become available.
    I think the use of "are among the first" in that quote allows them to weasel out of any obligation to have Premier customers the exclusively to purchase first. The word "exclusive " in that quote only applies to getting a "peek" and we all know how worthless that is considering it will be in the press for everyone to see.

    Technically, if everyone is able to buy the Pre on day 1 then Premier customers are among the first. But I hope I'm wrong.
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