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    Very good article with some great news about the Pre's capabilities:

    Ultimate Palm Pre-Game Analysis: Let’s Get it On!
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    From Yankee Group:

    In the brief time I had with the Pre during CES, I came away extremely impressed with the user interface’s speed, flexibility, and crisp appearance. No question, Palm has closed the UI gap in the mobile world. Apple certainly has a more robust ecosystem built up around the iPhone, but it will no longer be the primary UI king.
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    On the close proximity to WWDC:

    Rumors are swirling than Palm might announce the Palm Pre on June 7th, right before Appleís WWDC. Do you think that would be a bad idea? When would be a good launch window at this point?

    Castonguay: The best launch window for the Pre is as soon as humanly possible.

    Llamas: First of all, stick to your promise. Looking at my calendar Palm has two months left to do that. As far as May goes, putting those rumors aside about Sprint employees not taking vacations, I hadnít heard any other major announcements. I think (June 7) would be incredibly brave. Letís face it; everyone in the industry is gearing up for what the next-generation iPhone is going to be. And if history is any indication, any time there has been a countdown to an announcement, all eyes have been on Apple. Will Palm be doing itself a disservice? It depends on how bold they want to be.

    Rubin: Palm has little to gain by planning a launch around the iPhone. It wants to establish itself as the innovation leader in the smart phone space and planning a launch around WWDC just drives more attention to the iPhone OS and reinforces Appleís position. Besides, if Apple announces a new iPhone at WWDC, it will have had the benefit of seeing the Pre in action and will be in a position to upstage it in some respects. It would be better to launch significantly before WWDC to establish the game of leapfrog. And, of course, the earlier Palm ships, the earlier it starts to realize critical revenue from the Pre.
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    Assuming its a bad idea to launch on the sure don't want to do it after that apple thingy event. The pre-launch is key (2 weeks or so before launch date) and you don't want this event to screw up pre-launch buzz.

    IMO, the 7th would be the last day you can fall back to. End of June is bad for more reasons than Apple..its just too long away. May is still better and there's still those vacation rumors to keep in mind.

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