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    Safari Books Online - 9780596802097 - Palm webOS, 1st Edition

    Chapter 5. Advanced Widgets

    This chapter completes the review of the Mojo widgets with a look at Indicators, Pickers and Viewers, the Filter List and the Scroller. Not all applications will use these widgets because they are each designed for specific use cases, but the widgets are just as simple to work with as the widgets already discussed in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

    As with the two preceding chapters, each group will be reviewed in a summary form, and then a specific case will be used as an example with the News application. Where the widget isn't used in an example, we'll include a description and references to where you can find more information.
    5.1. Indicators

    Indicators are used to show that activity is taking place even it it's not visible, and in some cases, to show some measure of the progress that the activity is making. Mojo has four indicator widgets, but they belong to two types:


    Activity indicator, or Spinner, which spins without showing progress.

    Progress indicator, which shows both activity and progress.
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    They were smart to release it in sections. That way people can go over them as they are released and every time they release a new chapter they get more news coverage!

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