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    Newly registered here because I had a question that a 5 minute google/forum search couldn't help me with.

    Has there been any word/talk of working a fully featured Kindle book reader in the Pre? With the Kindle already using the Sprint network and the Pre having Amazon MP3 integration it seems like a natural fit that could boost both Kindle book sales and Palm Pre sales. It could have a minor impact on Kindle sales, but I'm guessing that people that like the idea of ebooks would still buy a dedicated reader instead of trying to read off of the 3.1" screen.

    I'm not talking some minimalistic app like the iphone app either that just reads files (and a few other minor things). I mean full integration to browse, buy, search, read, etc... basically everything the Kindle can do but with small screen and much poorer battery life.

    Anyway, so are my search skills inadequate? Has there been talk of this? What do others here think?
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    Since there is a relationship with Amazon, who now owns ebook software for smartphones, I would say its a very good possibility that this will be available for the Pre.

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