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    It's fascinating to watch Pre news stories ripple across the Net.

    Here are some Pre news watching tips:

    1. Use Google Alerts - only with Gmail - have GA send you Comprehensive, as-it-happens, Alerts to you Gmail account - search for Palm Pre, Roger McNamee, etc.

    2. Use RSS feeds from sites like: Precentral, Gizmoto (with Palm Pre tag),, My Pre, BGR, Ars Technica, Engadget, Official Palm Blog, Twitter - palm_inc, etc.

    3. Subscribe to the Precentral forums that most interest you.

    4. Twitter to watch #precentral, #treocentral, #foxycar, #Prethinking, #backlon (Dieter), #Palminfocenter, #sprintnews, #palm_inc etc.

    That should go a long way towards satisfying your Pre news lust.

    You can also watch stories ripple across the Net.

    Any other tips?
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    Or make it really easy - go to and search on Palm Pre. About 20 messages per minute in any given day, many of which link to a recent news story.
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