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    How often do they terminate service for doing that?
    Apparently Never.

    In my opinion Sprint lists it in their Terms of Service to have a backup to terminate people who are using mass amounts. They could easily detect most situations of people using it at all and do nothing becasue it would harm Sprint to do so.

    Terms of service are not like standard contracts. They are boilerplate and often kitchen sink assertions of terms. This is like back when Cable companies used to have in their terms of service that you could only hook up one TV to the cable coming in. When when I first signed up for isdn service my Verizon TOS specifically stated I could use my connection with only one single computer at a time and that using a router was a violation. Everyone was using a router.

    It also used to be a forbidden hack to get around Mobile providers picture transfer fees and to "hack" your phone to get the pictures off directly without using the provider network at $0.25 a picture.

    So your TOS is not set in stone. It is like most leases and boilerplate contracts it includes assertions that would be supported in a court and assertions that would not be. For example your Sprint TOS has said and says for over a decade says you agree to mandatory arbitration and that has been thrown out by courts on multiple occasion. They still list it even though it is not true.

    In the end Sprint doesn't do anything about tethering with no PAM plan because attempting to doing so would hurt Sprint. If you are a paying customer and not pulling mass amounts Sprint cant afford to lose you. After all Sprint can cancel you for using too many night time minutes or even for calling support to often if you have a problem as well.

    In the end if the Pre can't tether it represents a lower value for that aspect than the many many phones that can.
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