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    As humans, and consumers, we associate items together. I have to agree that Sprint's inclusion of Pre in 4G ads could be misleading if the phone is not released as 3G/4G capable.

    From a marketing standpoint inclusion of 4G would be a big win for Palm and Sprint since they have been touting aggressive plans for further 4G rollout both this year and next - as well as the fact that this would be the first dual-mode smartphone on the market. However, Palm does play the game well, and I would suspect a new hardware platform with dual network capability to come out about a year after Pre 1.0.

    Its all speculation, I'm still waiting for the fat lady to sing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apcmiami View Post
    I am just frustrated on how Palm and Sprint are spoon feeding information. All I see are friends moving on to something else. I want Palm/Sprint to get their fair share of this market so they keep producing product/services. You need to MARKET yourself and be relevant. Right now they are hanging on a CES campaign that is fading FAST! Also no memory slot thing is a BIG issue for power users and the fact it will not have the latest internet capability that sprint offers is a marketing blunder. So again we have to settle for a phone that doesn't quite have EVRYTHING! BAD Marketing PERIOD.
    This is EXACTLY how I feel about the whole situation right now. I'm tired of being in the dark here. I want a price and a release date. Is that asking for too much?
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    Tethering WAS on the Sprint tech spec brochure but was removed on the website. Which means maybe there is no thethering?
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