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    Maybe I am wrong, but between the above article, my phone re-provisioning and much speedier web speeds on the Centro I am wondering if Sprint is secretly rolling out 4G?
    No support for 4G in Centro so any speed increase would have to be a result of smaller things like tweaks to Sprints network, the Pre will have the same phone chip as the 800W so no 4G support there either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GolpherZX View Post
    4G is actually live in 2 cities, unfortunately I'm not in one of them. From what I've seen on the hardware it does not have a chipset capable of 4G. If I recall correctly it has only a Qualcomm chipset in it. 4G, specifically WiMAX, is a completely different chip maker, as I do not believe that Qualcomm is in the WiMAX arena, I believe they are making the LTE chip. What will be very interesting is when the Pre is available outside of Sprint in the US.
    WiMax is in Portland Oregon. It's not associated with Sprint but Clear Wireless.

    Cost $30/month.

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    They are one in the same. That being said, non Sprint branded 4g is much cheaper than Sprint branded 4G.

    With the closing, Sprint contributed all of its 2.5 GHz spectrum and its WiMAX-related assets, including its XOHM business, to Clearwire. The implied equity valuation of Sprint’s contribution will result in approximately 51 percent ownership on a fully diluted basis, based on the initial target price of $20.00 per share.
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    WiMax is in Portland Oregon. It's not associated with Sprint but Clear Wireless.

    WiMax Internet Service Provider -

    Cost $30/month.

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