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    I'm wondering....since it initially appears that there will not be a Palm Desktop application for HotSyncing with the Pre do you think that you'll be able to move your Palm data files (calendar, contacts, tasks, memos) to the Pre by dragging and dropping? I think I read that's how music and photos will have to be installed on the device.

    While syncing is easier, might this be the way to we'll have to move information between computer and Pre? (obviously I'm one of those people who's not comfortable with "the cloud")
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    Dragging your Palm data files (calendar, contacts, tasks, memos) will only work if you want to access that stuff using the old Palm apps running in the emulator.
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    Palm said early on that there would be a way to move data from Palm Desktop (and possibly desktop-based Outlook) available. No deets yet, though.

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