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    I was on a delta flight on Monday, and while reading through the April issue of Sky Magazine and there it was a half page "article" on the Pre. There wasn't anything we haven't seen already, but it was good to see the Pre out there in the world.

    What was interesting was the writer said that the only thing that was still up for grabs was the price. Does that mean that they know the release date, and aren't sharing it?

    Here is a link to the Page, double click the page on the right to zoom in.
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    I dont miss those days travelling on planes are reading this magazine.
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    Oh man, that magazine is's a must to buy a magazine at the airport.
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    I love flying, if my eyes didn't suck I would have tried to be a fighter pilot. That's great they are getting ads everywhere. I hope they put the iphone to shame

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