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    it wouldn't be a proper comparison if he was comparing sound quality
    for comparing the file size for the two formats at a given bps it's perfectly accurate

    Yea you are right, my mind is not in the right place today :P I was thinking overall comparison for some reason.
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    It would be nice if the Pre supported FLAC, another 1-up on the iPhone...
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    The Pre itself could play flac from the current known specs (Still do not think we have actually cpu speed and ram in the system) However the case comes down to space on the device. The amount of music you could actually put on the device is diminished just due to the size of Flac. What it really comes down to is someone willing to make a player for the device (not really sure how that would work out unless you make a java or flash player?). It all comes down to willingness for someone to make it work.

    I myself probably would not carry any flac music just due to the fact that the space could be used more wisely.
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    You would think that if you had the iPhone you would be happy with your good fortune and content to let others live their lives.

    You would be wrong.

    AT&T and Sprint are locked in a fierce smackdown over which is better, the Apple iPhone offered exclusively by AT&T or the Palm Pre, a hot new device expected to make its debut nearly anytime now on the Sprint network.
    AT&T, Sprint Smackdown: Palm Pre "inferior" to iPhone | Sprint Connection | News and views on Sprint Nextel
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    You'll notice that the source image/table is linked back to PreCentral.
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    Actually, this is great for Palm/Sprint. Apple/AT&T haven't ever reacted so strongly to a challenger before. The Pre has got them a bit concerned. However, the Pre isn't going to sway iPhone fanboys. Just as the iPhone hasn't pulled in fanboys of other devices. That's not the target. There are tons of people that are on the fence, or just want the latest thing on the market.

    Personally, I don't want Palm/Sprint to focus on the iPhone. I want them to focus on the Pre. I want them to create the best device they can. They know what their loyal customer base wants, and they know what is driving the market. I don't want an iPhone clone in with a few more bells and whistles in a Pre package. I want a Palm device that offers what we've all been looking for, that's innovative in design and application. A device that can meet my business needs as well as my "geek factor" needs. A device that "Wows" me because of what it can do AND how it does it. I don't want things left off because the iPhone doesn't have them. I don't want to be left out of the Pre conversation because the Pro is supposed to be for business users. I want the total package, not another iPhone.
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