View Poll Results: Where or how will you buy your Sprint Palm Pre?

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  • Sprint store

    63 46.32%
  • A third party store like Best Buy

    14 10.29%
  • Sprint Website

    37 27.21%
  • Palm Website

    7 5.15%
  • An auction site like eBay

    2 1.47%
  • Joe's Garage

    1 0.74%
  • Other

    12 8.82%
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    I will wait until it's available at Best Buy so that I do not have to deal with any MIR's.
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    On the sprint website once all the guinea pigs (early adopters, if you prefer) get finished testing the phone for ME.
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    for those people planning on going to a store on release day. assuming the store opens at 10am, how early do you think we'll have to/do you plan on getting there
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    Knock the UPS driver off before he makes his stop at a Sprint store.

    I have Pre's for sale if anyone wants one J/K
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    Sprint by phone...... Im a business account customer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    On the sprint website once all the guinea pigs (early adopters, if you prefer) get finished testing the phone for ME.
    This, except I will probably try and get it from the Sprint store instead of the website.

    Lovin' my Centro...keeping an eye on the Pre.

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    If it comes out before June I will try telesales first.

    If it comes out in June I won't buy it till July (trip out of the country).

    If it turns out to be impossible to work on SERO I won't get it at all.
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    I just visited a Sprint corporate store because my T-mo RAZR2 was on its last legs. I figured I would create my Sprint account and port my number now, thus avoiding this hassle on release day since that day it might be pretty busy. During that time I asked about release date/price and she geniunely didn't seem to know. But when I started digging about other information (advocates, etc), she said she was not allowed to divulge ANY information about the Pre. Just thought I would throw that out there, but not the reason for the post.

    I bought a phone that I knew I was going to trade in, but was worried that the Pre might not be launched within the 30-day return window. So I was able to get them to give me a 60-day return window! Also I asked about a waiting list. They had one and I was able to get on it. I am number 6. She stated that a lot of people asked about the Pre but didn't inquire about a waiting list that's why I was at number 6. This is something you guys might want to check out if you haven't already.
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    When I eventually buy one (after reviews and my current contract is up at the end of June), I'll be going to the sprint store.
    One right by work and home.
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    i am going to the one by my work. I think there will be less traffic.
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    I chose other because my plans are to purchase my Pre from Telifonica/Movistar in Mexaco. Hopefully GSM release date everywhere else in the world is going to be the same day as Sprint and Bell Mobility release the CDMA Pre in the USA and Canada. Pre might need it's own passwort so Homeland Security won't confiscate it and allow it into the country. Then i can get to work unlocking it for use on AT&T!
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    Where ever and when ever I can get it. I'll shoot for a Sprint store as they will probably have the largest inventory and there are several within a hours drive of me. If that doesn't work I'll just order it online.

    My main goal is to get one in my hands so I can check it out and make sure I want to trade in my Iphone for one. I'm fairly certain I will but I want to make sure.
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    ^+1 where ever i can get my hands on 1. ive got plenty of sprint stores around me and a few bestbuys so i should beable to get 1. if not ill order via telesales.
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    I have had only problems from eBay and craigslist. I think I will just buy it from the store (more money, but less problems)
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    i have about 5 sprint stores within a 10 mile radius. I think i am gonna camp out and be one of the first to get it in my area!
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    After some consideration, I may be going with the one main option I forgot to include, Sprint Telesales. With the website, there's no negotiation or flexibility.
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