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    On the new "now" site from Sprint

    The phone that truly living in real time. Featuring a revolutionary Palm WebOS that continuously updates multiple applications in real time. Coming soon..........

    I wonder what they are referring too, the push technology?
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    yeah it's been posted a number of times.
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    updates multiple applications in real time? I pray the battery is good enough to support that. Hopefully they thought this through, like I've said before.
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    Good eye! This is new to me, too. I like what that sentence says. I'm curious.

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    I have never seen this posted, please post a link if possible, I wanna see what everyone said about this. Very curious
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    I do not think I have seen it before, thanks for the link.
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    Yesterday I compared the dimension of the Pre with the ones of my Sprint Touch...they are almost the same in every dimension. I clicked on that Meet Pre link and admired the pretty spinning phone, and then held up my Touch next to almost looks like that Pre is just about life size!

    This may vary depending on the screen resolution you are running (I am running 1920 x 1200 on a 23" screen)
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    I think that is a new record for how many times that link has been posted
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