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    The anticipation is giving me ulcers too...and I live in France, so the pain and uncertainty you have for Sprint's CDMA version is doubled for me as I await an overseas GSM version. At least you have two dates to "choose" RIEN.

    So let's swing our gaze out; in one year, these six to eight weeks won't matter anymore (we'll probably hitting refresh on PreCentral to find out the release date on PrPrPr$2s$&#$8482$;...)

    In one year (from P-day), what numbers would you pre-dict:

    Number of PrPrPr$s$ $sold$:
    Number of WebOS apps available:
    Number of WebOS apps downloaded:

    C'mon and count the imaginary jellybeans. (And someone please remember to bump this thread up in a year.) Closest one wins a beer if you ever come visit Lyon.
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    A beer? How about a glass of wine?
    Anyway, here are my guesses:
    1.8 Million Pres sold
    3000 apps available
    10 Million app downloads
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    Perhaps I low-balled the apps, but I have trouble seeing how iPhone apps have gotten to 1B. It helps that their total installed base is more.
    If the Pre were to get to 100M apps downloaded, that would be an average of more than 50 apps per person. Seems high to me, especially since the Pre won't have as many deficiencies (copy and paste) that will need to be corrected by 3rd party apps. But maybe I just don't get it.
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    For comparison, I guess the app numbers include PreFart and variants.
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    ok ...let's see:

    Number of PrPrPr$s$ $sold$: $Just$ $under$ $1$ $million$
    Number of WebOS apps available: 10,000
    Number of WebOS apps downloaded: 500,000

    Honestly, I have not factualy base for these predeitions. Just wante dto pariticpate in the discussion. It would be great to see some options from people in the field or who follow phone companies, make these preditions.
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