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    I've had an 8GB card in my Centro for about a year. I haven't thought much about capacity, but today, I tried to download a tv show, and Kinoma told me there wasn't enough room on my card. So I went through it, deleted a few things, and now I'm probably okay for the next month or so.

    But what to do long term? I haven't thought about card capacity at all in the last year or so - everything I wanted to do just worked. According to pricewatch, I can plunk down 50 bucks on a 16 gig card, and not have to think about it again for at least another year, probably more.

    But there are some things about my Centro I really don't like, and I'd love to give the Pre a try. I suppose I could continue trimming stuff out of my 8 gig card so I don't go into shock with an 8 gig Pre. But I bought zLauncher years and years ago so I wouldn't have to think about memory limits on a Palm phone with only 24MB of useable internal memory. Back then, I was thinking my phone should work around my habits - I shouldn't have to work around my phone. But it looks like those days are back, at least for the time being. Is it time to start the Pre 2 watch yet?
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    No offense, but one of the mega-sized microSD threads JUST bobbed up again today and it'd probably be a better place for your post instead of a new thread.

    That being said...stick with your Centro until you get a chance to mess with the Pre and read others' experiences with media management.
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    Parkinson's Law of data: "Data expands to fill the space available for storage".
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    I think the one thing about the Pre that will differentiate it from your filled up card story is that the pre uses Synergy (I hate that name) and works with the Web.

    We are all still thinking like PalmOS users and it's time we start thinking like WebOS users. Who's to say you couldn't have online storage with the Pre? I can fill up 100GB in less then a year if I'm storing movies on my laptop and that's more then 10 times the capacity that you have. But you don't want to make your personal device into a storage device that's what NAS is for.

    I think the Pre will open up a whole new way we think about mobile computing and will usher in a lot of cool solutions to old problems mobile computing had.

    Just my .02

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