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    Hey all, long time lurker here, finally made an account. Check this article out!

    Palm Pre gets caught taking a walk in the park : Boy Genius Report

    Also note how the people using the Pre's said release "won't be much longer". Maybe the release is closer than we think!
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    Just read that article...very cool.
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    hmm, seems the Pre users aren't blown away by it.
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    They weren't blown away at first.
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    Those sprint "advocates" are pretty young! LOL jk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nells View Post
    Yup. If those kids already had em plus reported that they were "satisfied customers" after an update - then it definitely won't be too long now. So take that end of June!!
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    Lucky, lucky children.

    They should be happy that my schedule won't allow me to travel to California and steal one of those puppies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    They weren't blown away at first.
    It says they were satisfied after the update. Not a ringing endorsement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    It says they were satisfied after the update. Not a ringing endorsement.
    It doesn't really matter. No product "blows" everyone away. In the end, you just have to test it yourself. Just because I was impressed by the demo at CES, doesn't necessarily mean I'll be "blown" away when I actually use one, only time will tell.
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    13yo kids know nothing, if they dont like it, give it to me!!!!!
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    the poor souls don't know what they have in their possession!! black gold i tell ya!!! black gold!!!!!

    Dwight Shrute
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    I would have ran by and said "Oh... thanks kid".
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    Pre-outh is wasted on the young!
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    Jeez how did 2 kids get them?
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    well well well
    Who are those kids ? and how did they get their hands on the shiny thing ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Jeez how did 2 kids get them?
    That's exactly my first thought!

    BTW - I would not expect them to be "blown away" as I am sure there are very few apps, if any, on the devices and apps make a difference in user's perception, IMO. I had an iPhone for a while and the apps were the part that blew me away, not necessarily the phone itself once the new-ness wore off (day 2).
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    damn those young kids of today... lol
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    Ruby's love children?
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    Well, this is definitely an exciting time for us Pre enthusiasts! First there was the flurry of news, then the slight disappointment of Barcelona, then the excitement of CTIA which is followed with all the fun reports coming in. Now two Pres in the wild! Sweet...I can't wait!
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