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    Has anybody answered definitively whether there is a trackball? I thought the FAQ said it was just a button, but in January Gizmodo claimed they used the trackball on the Palm Pre. "I just had some time to play with the Palm Pre, maybe the most important handset to be announced in two years, and here's what it was like to use it." "The trackball, which feels similar to that of the G1 and Blackberry phones, provides another quick way to get around the Web OS interface." - Gizmodo - Palm Pre Preview: Simply Amazing - Palm pre

    Then at CTIA, cnet described the Palm Pre. "On front, you have a 3.1-inch multitouch screen. Below the display, there's a gesture area where you can swipe your finger to navigate the phone and there's also a little trackball." - Palm Pre at CTIA 2009--photos - CNET Reviews

    Those seem like credible sources that have some exposure to the device, but then we have people saying definitively that it is not, such as engadget. "In the center of that space is a small metallic ball, which looks like a movable trackball, but is actually just a button." - Palm Pre: everything you ever wanted to know

    On these forums I have seen people state with certainty, but I would like to find something that could be traced directly to Palm, since these are about as authoritative as I could think of but directly contradict each other.

    Can somebody find me a link that can be traced to Palm? It's actually not going to diminish my desire for a Pre either way, but just stating with certainty that it is just a button or stating with certainty that you have used it and it is a trackball is not what I am looking for since we have seen both of those from more reputable sources than these forums.

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    The initial reports were wrong, it isnt a trackball. I dont have a first hand source to back that up right now, but I assure you that it is true.

    There are numerous videos online that demonstrate the fact that it is only a button.
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    No trackball. That"s a good thing. I'm not going to miss the trackball on my Blackberry.
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    I can assure you it's a simple clickable button, no trackball functionality whatsoever. Some of the initial reports from CTIA & CES (particularly CNET) were calling it a trackball but that was just poor, uninformed reporting.

    I'd still prefer a 5-way d-pad but I am NOT a fan of trackballs on handheld devices.
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    I tried the trackball on my friends Blackberry, and I am not a fan at all! Give me a touch screen over that any day of the week!
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    The trackball is "one" of the reasons I can't wait to get rid of my Balckberry Curve. Thank god there is no trackball on the Pre
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    I agree when I first got a curve I fell in love with the trackball but after some time I definitely outgrew it fast!

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