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    After reading a closer decription of the thing, is kinda nifty. The slow opening door that lets you view the screen of the Pre without having to take it out. Good protection too, but something tells me that clear plastic might scratch up fast and get all cloudy looking.
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    All right, I'll be the weird one. I actually like that holster. Sure the looks aren't the best, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a great looking holster anyway. I like the fact that BOTH sides of the Pre are protected. It also keeps the headphone jack, ringer switch, and side buttons accessible. I usually go for function over form, and this looks like it has good function.

    Having said all that, though, I'll probably just put the Pre in my pocket. But if I need a case, this could be a contender.

    It may not be terribly great looking, but where I work I think this will give good protection.
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    I like it.

    I always use holsters. This is a decent one. A little bit much w/ the plastic see through cover, but nice.

    It's good Palm is getting accessories like this ready for launch date.
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