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    A much better discussion regarding the Palm Pre on this week's Cranky Geeks compared to the prior show.

    The story is towards the end of the show (Episode 161).

    Cranky Geeks

    They even discuss the possible rumor of Dell buying Palm. Funny to hear John D ask why they call it "webOS".
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    Ok...this Dvorak guy is clueless. Rants on stuff that he has absolutely no clue about...
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    wow!!! i can't believe i just watched that!! it was HORRIBLE and I have to agree with you Manny, Dvorak is CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! he couldn't even read half of his headline cards right!! Yep, worst thing i've seen on the web in a good 2 months guys!!

    Dwight Shrute
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    If you thought that was bad, the Pre story they did on the show last week was worst. Also the show is setup for his guests to really get into the details of the stories while he throws out his cranky opinions. This was not one of his best shows, but I do like watching them.
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    John C. Dvorak, John Gruber, and Paul Thurrott are all in the same category of "shock" journalism - they often seem to put up pieces designed to evoke extreme, visceral responses from fans of certain devices or softwares and cause controversy. It's sorta like me watching Fox News just so I can scream at the ***** talking heads.

    (What I love most is that Gruber and Thurrott are often completely blind to this, I'll listen to them talk about responses to articles on their respective podcasts and they'll act like they were innocent, non-judgmental pieces... At least Dvorak has admitted in the past that he'll purposely spew bull to rile up the fanboys.)

    Still, I love reading some of these guys' hit pieces, and then going outside and running a mile in absolute disgust. I need to get a punching bag for my room so that the next time I read one of these articles, I can get a good upper-body workout letting my anger out

    (Note - don't think I don't like these bloggers - like I said, I read each of their sites daily - it's just that they have a tendency to say things so blatantly biased one way or another that I just get absolutely furious. Maybe I need some anger-management classes...)
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    it would help there arguments if they had any clue what they were talking about.

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