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    I know, they only make me angry (but smile) when i see them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki View Post
    haha!! the depths of the pool read "3g" and "4g" instead of "3ft" and "4ft"!! clever sprint...clever!!

    Dwight Shrute
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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    haha!! the depths of the pool read "3g" and "4g" instead of "3ft" and "4ft"!! clever sprint...clever!!
    You, my friend have eyes like an eagle loll I wouldn't have caught that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    These commercials are really starting to tick me off. They are NOT commercials for the Pre!
    They're not about the Pre, true, but I'm loving how the Pre is featured as _the_ way to experience the "Now Network" (a tagline of which I'm not terribly fond). In other words, if you want to experience all that Sprint has to offer, it will be on a Pre.

    The more these ads come out, and the closer they're spaced together, the sooner I'm expecting to see an official release. They can't keep showing the Pre for too much longer without the typical person thinking it's just some generic artist's rendering of what a phone on the "Now Network" might look like.

    Are you listening, Sprint and Palm?
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    Seen this one?

    Edit: apparently so... never mind
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    OK, so now that the jar of pickles is opened has anyone seen any new sprint or palm ads?
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    there won't be a big ad campaign because ...
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    Nothing yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by en0x View Post
    there won't be a big ad campaign because ...
    ......idiots are running Palm now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    ......idiots are running Palm now.
    Palm doesn't and never did have the money for a big national campaign for the Pre.

    That's all on Sprint, and while I can understand them not having Pre ads on TV up for a day or two, there is NO EXCUSE for not having full-page ads in dailies along with new content on the websites, and a review or two already written waiting on Sprint to lift the embargo.
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    It makes perfect sense to save the larger ad campaigns to a later date, say August or something like that.

    It allows Palm and Sprint to smoothly ramp up the server farm and services. It is also easier on the manufacturing perspective, they do not need to build so much inventory for the launch. And it makes it easier to build a correct amount of units, that is, to balance demand and supply.

    A less risky approach from several perspectives.
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    its only 1020 in the morning, I guess wait for primetime?
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    American Idol maybe? But that's AT&T
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    I guess we can now look for Pre specific TV ads to start soon. Its funny that the general public doesnt even know thats its coming soon.
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    If they're smart they get ad's going this week, today even if possible but at least this week.

    They've set themselves up well with cementing the image that their network is interactive, powerful, wide spread, and solid with all the "Now Network" commercials. Its time to now lock it down by showing that the Pre is THE phone to use on this powerful network.

    They need to get at least an initial ad out sometime this week I think, with hopefully a second new ad before launch and a third one after launch
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    Also they were making a point that they have cheaper plans as compared to the other carriers. "Switch to Sprint to Save"
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    hey guys last night i sqw a sprint commercial for the now network. then a the very end it showed the pre slide up and that was it lol anyone else seen it?
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    You have got to be kidding me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    You have got to be kidding me...
    Sad part, I don't think he was.. lol
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    Welcome to the forums c4sper..
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